practice - COMMENTARY COVERSHEET Economics commentary...

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COMMENTARY COVERSHEET Economics commentary number: SL Practice Title of extract: Gas storage level low, say Tories Source of extract: BBC (Online) Date of extract: 05/01/10 Word count: 739 words Date the commentary was written: 19/02/10 Section of the syllabus to which the commentary relates: Sections 1.1, 2.4 Candidate name: Jacky Chong Candidate number:
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Gas shortage Jacky Chong Customarily, the demand of gas is at its peak in January throughout the whole year in United Kingdom, because that’s the time when people go back to work and school after the Christmas Holidays. However, due to the especially cold weather and “a problem with an offshore supplier”, a crisis of gas shortage starts to emerge at the end of 2009 and early 2010. Shadow energy secretary Greg Clark and Conservative Party say that UK is going run out of gas and they urge the government to come up with some "essential back-up plans". However, the government keeps saying that the country is not running out of gas and they can rely on the overseas sources. What’s really happening? True, there is a risk of running out of gas. The unpredictable weather condition advances the time of massive usage of gas in UK, and the government is caught unawares. Gas is used in power
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practice - COMMENTARY COVERSHEET Economics commentary...

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