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Unformatted text preview: Assessment Guidelines Microeconomics 1101 Assessment task 1 : Write a short explanation of the following Economic term/ concept/ criteria Accuracy and relevance of information /6 Structure of and relations in text /2 Clarity, grammar, spelling /2 outstanding High distinction – Distinction Information is appropriately selected to answer the question and accurately presented, so that response to task is complete. 5‐6 Text is well‐structured and coherent. Good level of cohesion achieved through logically sequenced sentences and appropriate transitions between them. 1.5‐2 Most sentences are complete and grammatically accurate. Appropriate terms, language is used. Expression is clear, academic. minimal spelling errors 1.5‐2 Satisfactory Credit – pass Information is generally relevant and accurate though some gaps occur. 3‐4 Text is structured generally accurately though could be developed more effectively; could be more coherent. Text is structured logically though some relations could be refined. 1 Expression is generally clear and accurate, though errors occur. Some attempt to use academic language but perhaps not consistently. Some spelling errors occur. 1 Unsatisfactory Fail Information may not be relevant to task or there may be inaccuracies so that text does not effectively answer question. 0‐2 Structure is weak and does not contribute to an effective text. There may be some errors in logical sequencing or inappropriate transitions. 0‐.5 Errors in grammar intrude on meaning. Many sentences are incomplete or poorly constructed. Language choices are inappropriate or not academic. Many spelling errors occur. 0‐.5 ...
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