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PASS – Microeconomics I What is PASS? The Peer Assisted Support Scheme (PASS) is a program that was introduced to give students a more open and engaging means to ask questions and learn in general. PASS Leaders are not tutors, but they have done particularly well in the course and can show you the tricks of the trade that they have picked up over time. PASS is not a tutorial or lecture, nor is it a supplementary or ‘catch-up’ class. It is meant to complement what you do in the course while working to give you a better understanding of the course’s content. PASS is a form of academic peer mentoring, where students can learn to do even better, meet new people, and pick up some valuable study skills. PASS is voluntary, flexible and non-committal, which means you can attend whichever timeslot suits you best. For these reasons, it is highly recommended that you give PASS a shot . It may very well not be for you, but it’s certainly worth putting in an hour and finding out. In 2009:
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Unformatted text preview: • 9.61% of all students enrolled in ECON1101 in Session 1 2009 attended PASS at least once. • On average, students who attended PASS for ECON1101 at least once scored 2.1 higher than those that didn’t. • On average, students who attended PASS for ECON1101 four or more times scored 6.5 higher than those that didn’t. When and Where? • Starting Week 3 and continues through to Week 13 • Choose from anyone of the following times and locations: Day Time Location PASS Leader Monday 11am-12pm Quad G044 Ashna Tuesday 11am-12pm Hut D10, G01* Jonathan Wednesday 1-2pm Law 163 Khar Mun Wednesday 3-4pm Quad G040 Smriti Thursday 11am-12pm Quad G040 Michel Thursday 1-2pm Hut D10, G03* Sibil Note: These times are open to change. Please check regularly for updates! Have a question? Email me at [email protected] . Kind Regards, Alan Wong PASS Administrator (Economics) * From the ASB, walk further west (towards Anzac Pde), past the car park to the buildings there....
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