ECON1101 presentation rubric

ECON1101 presentation rubric - Communicate concisely (no...

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ECON1101 Semester 1, 2010 Submission Question: Oral Presentation Assessment Rubric Students’ Names and IDs: ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Submission Question No.: _________ Week: ______ Tutorial: _________________ Tutor: _________________________ Criteria Trait Outstanding 4-5 Satisfactory 3 Unsatisfactory 1-2 Accuracy and relevance of information Address and answer the questions Use appropriate and accurate: o concepts and models o diagrams o terminology o information / research Quality of analysis and argument Effectively and accurately analyse: o diagrams and models o causes, effects (e.g. change of variables) o information and arguments Calculate accurately Present a sound argument supported by logical reasons Clear, concise communication Explain material clearly in own words
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Unformatted text preview: Communicate concisely (no waffle; focused; summarise well) Organisation Presentation well-organised Clear, logical flow of ideas Smooth transition between parts / speakers Good time management Delivery Clear, audible speech Engaging audience: o good use of voice (pace, stress, pause etc); o good eye contact, not just reading from notes or slides o interesting, creative presentation Visuals / slides Clear, accurate, well-prepared Relevant; support presentation Class discussion Ask good questions to initiate discussion Respond well to class questions and comments Manage class discussion well Teamwork Good contribution by all members Good co-operation between members Overall Mark: / 5 Comment:...
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ECON1101 presentation rubric - Communicate concisely (no...

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