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Introduction to Marketing 2200 Group Marketing Plan Presentation Grade Evaluation Categories Richard Patterson Professor Winter 2012 Group Presenting - Name____________________________________________ Date:___________ Time: Start_____ Finish_____ *Time 10 Minutes Max (5% penalty for abuse of time allowed) CRITERIA % Weight COMMENTS Mark ========================================================================== 1. Analysis 25% 2. Interesting 15% 3. Continuity 15% 4. Informative 15% 5. Technology 10% (delivery) 6. Course Content Application Clarity 20% 1. Analysis: Strong evidence of factual interpretation of research findings supporting marketing plan. 2. Interesting: Keeps audience and professors attention 3. Continuity: Presentation flows well, logical, coherent and all delivery methodologies integrated
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Unformatted text preview: effectively towards the stated goal 4. Informative: Content, depth, key facts, communicates the marketing plan’s strategy 5. Technology: Used effectively to deliver the Marketing plan’s goals – classroom technology seamless. Delays in presentation due to unfamiliarity with technical support will result in a 5% penalty. 6. Clarity: Weighted against the stated presentation goal/s the Marketing plan content delivery is easily understood by audience and professor. Evidence of critical thinking skill application. 7. Respect of time assigned of 10 minutes – abuse of time will receive a 5% penalty. Professor’s Comments...
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