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1 Liberal Arts and Professional Studies, York University School of Administrative Studies 22003.0U Introduction To Marketing Winter 2012 POLICY GUIDE AND COURSE OUTLINE Course Director: Richard D Patterson Contact Information: O:416.484.6577 Weekly lecture power/point slides: posted on the course section Moodle web site for access by students enrolled in this course section only. It is recommended that they be printed out 4 to a page in black and white to be used for taking notes during class lecture. Slides are revised from text book web site for the exclusive use of teaching professor/students in this section. Student Laptops (or other technological communicating devices) Students are expected to act professionally in the classroom. Therefore, laptop usage in the classroom should be restricted to activities directly supporting the current learning objectives. Student laptops are a classroom privilege and to be used for class subject use only. Any violation during classroom time of this direction (such as text messaging, web surfing, E-Mail use etc.) student will be asked to refrain from using Laptop in future classes. This misuse is distracting to the teaching professor or teaching assistant, let alone students sitting in the immediate area. Adherence of this classroom privilege is expected and violation will result in student being asked to leave the classroom and will require a personal meeting with the teaching professor before being allowed back into weekly classroom sessions. Laptops are to be turned off and put away during group marketing plan or guest presentations. Failure to do so will result in a 5% penalty on final personal marketing plan grade as determined by Professor, Course Director or Teaching Assistant. Registration You must be registered to attend this class. If you are not now officially registered in this course AND IN THIS SECTION , you must do so. The only way to register in the course, or to change your section, is by voice response enrolment. You must do this BEFORE the “add without permission” date, as you will not be allowed to register or change sections after that date.
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2 Departmental policy that applies when you register for this course is reproduced here. This course outline is meant to provide students with an initial overview of the content, structure, and other aspects of the course in question. While we will try to follow this outline, it is subject to changes by the department and/or the university. Note: Photocopying more than ten percent of a textbook or any course material is illegal, and may involve penalties. Do not duplicate textbooks, course material or obtain these photocopies. Further warnings regarding this specific course are also stated in the outline, course Web
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Marketing_Winter_2012PolicyGuide - Liberal Arts and...

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