14_24_88 - Interstellar Molecules Frank J. lovas and lewis...

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INTERSTELLAR MOLECULES Frank J. Lovas and Lewis E. Snyder A number of molecules have been detected in the interstellar medium, in circumstellar envelopes around evolved stars, and co- mae and tails of comets through observation of their microwave, infrared, or optical spectra. The following list gives the molecules and the particular isotopic species that have been reported thus far. Molecules are listed by molecular formula in the Hill order. All species not footnoted otherwise are observed in interstellar clouds, while some are also found in comets and circumstellar clouds. The list was last updated in November 2005 and lists 147 molecules (263 isotopic forms). References 1. Lovas, F. J., Recommended Rest Frequencies for Observed Interstellar Molecule Microwave Transitions - 1991 Revision, J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data, 21, 181–272, 1992. 2. Snyder, L. E., Cometary Molecules, Internat. Astron. Union Symposium No. 150, Astrochemistry of Cosmic Phenomena , Ed. P.D. Singh, Kluwer Academic Publishers, Dordrecht, The Netherlands, pp. 427–434 (1992). Molecular formula Name Isotopic species AlCl Aluminum monochloride AlCl a Al 37 Cl a AlF Aluminum monofluoride AlF a CAlN Aluminum isocyanide AlNC a CF + Fluoromethylidynium ion CF + CH Methylidyne CH CH + Methyliumylidene CH + CHN Hydrogen cyanide HCN H 13 CN HC 15 N DCN CHN Hydrogen isocyanide HNC H 15 NC HN 13 C DNC D 15 NC CHNO Isocyanic acid HNCO DNCO CHNS Isothiocyanic acid HNCS CHO Oxomethyl HCO CHO + Oxomethylium HCO + H 13 CO + HC 17 O + HC 18 O + DCO + D 13 CO + CHO + Hydroxymethylidyne
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14_24_88 - Interstellar Molecules Frank J. lovas and lewis...

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