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Pluchino – Regents Chemistry Unit 1: Matter and Measurement Topics Covered Homework Significant Figures and Scientific Notation WKST #1: Sig Figs and Sci. Notation Precision, Accuracy, and Error ONLINE #1: Precision, Accuracy and Error Density and Significant Figure Calculations WKST #2: Density Calculations and Sig Figs Uncertainty and Making Measurements None Dimensional Analysis and the Metric System WKST #3: Dimension Analysis and Metric Conversions Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes ONLINE #2: Physical and Chemical Properties and Changes Classification of Matter ONLINE #3: Classification of Matter Separation of Matter WKST #4: Unit Review Sheet Unit “Cheat” Sheet Unit 1 Test (100 points) N/A All written assignments are due the following class day. All online assignments are due the day of the unit test. Remember, late assignments – both written and online – will not be accepted.
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