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00 Unit 2 Outline and Objectives - Unit Objectives Students...

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Pluchino Regents Chemistry Unit 2: Atoms, Formulas and Reactions Topics Covered Homework Element Symbols and Formulas ONLINE #4: Elements and Chemical Formulas Structure of the Atom: Protons, Neutrons, Electrons and Ions ONLINE #5: Parts of the Atom Isotopes and Calculating Atomic Mass WKST #5: Isotopes and Isotopic Abundance Balancing Chemical Equations WKST #6: Balancing Chemical Equations Classifying Chemical Reactions – Synthesis and Decomposition ONLINE #6: Isotopes, Ions and Polyatomic Ions Classifying Chemical Reactions – Single and Double Replacement WKST #7: Unit Review Sheet Unit “Cheat” Sheet Predicting Products ONLINE #7: Predicting Products Unit 2 Test (100 points) N/A All written assignments are due the following class day. All online assignments are due the day of the unit test. Remember, late assignments – both written and online – will not be accepted.
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Unformatted text preview: Unit Objectives: Students will be able to: Recognize different elemental symbols (without having to look in periodic table) Understand what information chemical formulas provide about number and type of atoms Name the subatomic particles, their charge, and their location within the atom Understand how isotopes of element differ from one another Calculate atomic mass given information about the isotopes of an element Determine the charge of an ion and polyatomic ions Recognize that ion charges dictate the formulas of ionic compounds Show that chemical reactions occur to lower overall energy and increase stability Perform equation balancing Recall that matter is conserved in a chemical reaction Name and identify the four major types of chemical reactions Predict the products of double and single replacement reactions...
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