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01 HW - Sig Figs and Sci Notation - and places Xs over the...

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Name: __________________________________________ Date: ____________ WKST #1: Significant Figures and Scientific Notation (25 points) Period: __________ 1. There are four rules for determining which digits are significant in a given number. Read each of the rules below. If the rule is correct place a check next to it. If the rule is incorrect, make the correction(s) as needed. a. Any zeros to the right of both a decimal points and a significant digit are not significant. b. Any zeros between non-zero digits are not significant. c. Place holder zeros are significant. d. Any non-zero number is significant. 2. Determine how many significant figures are in each number. Circle the zeros that are significant
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Unformatted text preview: and places Xs over the zeros that are not significant. If a number is ambiguous, write unknown. a. 254 b. 690 c. 0.0705 d. 600,007 e. 0.0003 f. 7,800 g. 80.007 h. 0.0610 i. 301.990 j. 90,000 3. If a number has an ambiguous amount of significant figures, it is necessary to use __________________________ to eliminate the uncertainty. 4. Use scientific notation to express the following numbers. Use the designated number of significant digits. a. 6,000 (2 sig figs) b. 0.00932000 (4 sig figs) c. 0.8700000 (3 sig figs) d. 92,000,000 (4 sig figs) e. 0.000003230 (3 sig figs) f. 732,000,000 (5 sig figs) g. 0.0000006828 (4 sig figs) h. 0.00220 (2 sig figs) i. 443,700 (6 sig figs) j. 930 (3 sig figs)...
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