02 HW - Concentration

02 HW - Concentration - 4 If a 3.0 g water sample has 12 mg...

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Name: __________________________________________ Date: ____________ WKST #7: Measuring Concentration (40 points) Period: ___________ Follow the procedure below to answer each of the long answer questions to receive full credit. Write the formula it’s alright to use abbreviations, just make sure they make sense! Substitute the appropriate numbers Solve the problem and include the appropriate units Place a BOX around your answer so I can find it easily 1. If I make a solution by adding water to 75.0 mL of isopropanol (rubbing alcohol) until the total volume of the solution is 375 mL, what’s the percent by volume of isopropanol in the solution? 2. A solution is made by dissolving 55.0 g of potassium iodide in 300.0 g of water. What is the percent by mass of potassium iodide in the solution? 3. A solution is comprised of 6.0 moles of salicylic acid and 25.0 moles of water. What is the mole fraction of salicylic acid in the solution?
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