02 HW - Gas Laws I

02 HW - Gas Laws I - 5. If I have 21 liters of gas held at...

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Name: ______________________________________ Date: ____________ WKST #18: Gas Laws #1 (40 points) Period: ___________ 1. Draw the corresponding graphs for Boyle’s, Charles’ and Gay-Lussac’s Laws. Remember to label the axis. Boyle’s Charles’ Gay-Lussac’s For each of the following problems: State which law is being used (Boyle’s, Charles’, Gay-Lussac’s, or Combined) Write out the equation that you are using Substitute in the values Solve for the answer using correct units ( remember to work in Kelvin! ) Put a box around your answer 2. 1.00 L of a gas at standard temperature and pressure is compressed to 473 mL. What is the new pressure of the gas? 3. A man heats a balloon in the oven. If the balloon initially has a volume of 0.4 liters and a temperature of 20 0 C, what will the volume of the balloon be after he heats it to a temperature of 250 0 C? 4. The air pressure in the tires of a car should be inflated to 2.0 atm at a temperature of 25°C. When the temperature drops to freezing, what will the air pressure of the tires be?
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Unformatted text preview: 5. If I have 21 liters of gas held at a pressure of 78 atm and a temperature of 900 K, what will be the volume of the gas if I decrease the pressure to 45 atm and decrease the temperature to 750 K? 6. A gas takes up a volume of 17 liters, has a pressure of 2.3 atm, and a temperature of 299 K. If I raise the temperature to 350 K and lower the pressure to 1.5 atm, what is the new volume of the gas? 7. Submarines need to be extremely strong to withstand the extremely high pressure of water pushing down on them. An experimental research submarine with a volume of 15,000 liters has an internal pressure of 1.2 atm. If the pressure of the ocean breaks the submarine forming a bubble with a pressure of 250 atm pushing on it, how big will that bubble be? 8. I have made a thermometer which measures temperature by the compressing and expanding of gas in a piston. I have measured that at 100 0 C the volume of the piston is 20 L. What is the temperature outside if the piston has a volume of 10 L? What would be appropriate clothing for the weather?...
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02 HW - Gas Laws I - 5. If I have 21 liters of gas held at...

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