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Aim: How is the concentration of a solution measured? QQ: Explain what it means if a mixture is homogeneous. Do Now: What is the definition of “concentration” in relation to solutions? Concentration: a measure of the quantity of solute dissolved in a given amount of solvent (or solution) Measuring Concentration 1. Percent Composition by Mass Most useful when working with a highly concentrated solution or working with a solid dissolved in a liquid % Mass = Mass of Solute x 100 Mass of Solution *Mass of solution = g solute + g solvent A student dissolves 25.0g of glucose in 475g of water. What is the concentration (by mass) of the glucose solution? 2. Percent by Volume Most useful when finding the concentration of a solution of two liquids % Volume = Volume of Solute x 100 Volume of Solution A solution is prepared by dissolving 90 mL of hydrogen peroxide in enough water to make 3000 mL of the solution. What is the concentration (by volume) of the solution? 3.
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