02 Notes - Lewis Structures - Ionics

02 Notes - Lewis Structures - Ionics - Practice Draw Lewis...

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Pluchino – Regents Chemistry Bonding and Molecular Shape – 02 Lewis Structures - Ionics Aim: How do we draw structural formulas? Do Now: How do ionic bonds form between atoms? Ionic Bonds Form when one atom takes electron(s) away from another atom – transfer of electrons Occurs between metals and nonmetals (cations and anions) Ions are held together by attraction to form a compound Practice: Will the following substances form ionic bonds? 1. C and O 2. Sand Ca 3. Na and Br 4. N and H 5. Li and O 6. F and O 7. NH 4 + and SO 4 2- What electrons are most important when forming bonds? Valence electrons are most important in bonding… Can be shared or transferred Dictate how many bonds an atom “wants” to form Lewis Dot Diagrams: 1. Only show valence electrons 2. Do not pair electrons on a side until necessary
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Unformatted text preview: Practice: Draw Lewis Dot Diagrams for the following elements: 1. Mg 2. Br 3. Cs 4. S 5. Si 6. Na + 7. O 2-How are ionic compounds represented with Lewis Structures? Draw a Lewis Structure for sodium chloride. 1. Draw the Lewis Dot Diagram for each ion 2. Place the ion in brackets 3. Put the charge of the ion outside of the brackets 4. If subscripts are needed, place them outside of the brackets as well. Practice: Predict the product and draw the Lewis Structure 1. Mg and O 2. K and S 3. Ba and Cl 4. Na and N Conclusions: Ionic bonds formed when electrons are transferred Lewis Dot Diagrams o Only show valence electrons o Provides info about how many bonds an atom will form Ionic Lewis Structures o Show ions in square brackets...
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02 Notes - Lewis Structures - Ionics - Practice Draw Lewis...

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