04 Notes - Naming Acids and Bases

04 Notes - Naming Acids and Bases - Aim How are acids and...

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Aim: How are acids and bases named? QQ: What is an amphoteric substance? Do Now: How can you determine if a substance is acidic or basic just by looking at its chemical formula? Acids: release H + ions into solution Bases: release OH - ions into solution Naming Bases Many bases contain a hydroxide (OH - ) group. These bases are named the same way an ionic compound would be named: 1. NaOH (aq) sodium hydroxide 2. Ca(OH) 2 (aq) calcium hydroxide Naming Acids The name of an acid depends on the identity of the anion present… Binary Acids HCl (aq) – Hydrochloric acid 1. Drop the “–ide” ending of the anion and replace with “-ic” 2. Use the prefix “hydro-” 3. Applies to all ions ending in “-ide” Acids with Polyatomic Ions
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