04 Notes - Uncertainty

04 Notes - Uncertainty - estimate one more place than the...

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Pluchino – Regents Chemistry Matter and Measurement – 04 Uncertainty Aim: How do we report measurements in chemistry? Do Now: Which is more precise, an electronic scale or a triple-beam balance? Explain your choice. Accuracy depends on instrument calibration. The precision of an instrument depends upon how finely it measures: Which measurement is the most precise? Instruments are never free of flaws…the uncertainty lies in the last digit! When taking a measurement, measure to as far as the instrument will allow you, then
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Unformatted text preview: estimate one more place than the instrument measures. Practice: What is the volume in each graduated cylinder? Measurement Activity: Perform the measurements (to the correct number of significant figures) with each ruler provided to you and your partner. USE THE LEAST PRECISE RULER FIRST! Calculate the density of a metal block Put your data on the board Answer the questions on the handout...
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