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Pluchino – Regents Chemistry The Mole & Stoichiometry – 06 Percent Yield Aim: What role do limiting reactants play in the laboratory? Do Now: Based on the practice problem from last night, which reactant is limiting? __ Ca(OH) 2 + __ H 2 SO 4 __ CaSO 4 + __ H 2 O Use: 14.8 g of Ca(OH) 2 and 16.3 g of H 2 SO 4 1. Determine the limiting reagent. 2. Determine the number of moles of H 2 O produced. 3. Determine the number of grams of CaSO 4 produced. Practice: Solve the problem below. ___ K + ___ H 2 O ___ KOH + ___ H 2 Start with 25.0 g K and 250.0 g of water. 1. Which reactant is limiting? 2. How much H 2 gas will be produced in liters? Sometimes reactions will not yield as much product as predicted… Unwanted by-products created Reaction reaches equilibrium Allows us to evaluate the effectiveness of a reaction…
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Unformatted text preview: Percent Yield = actual x 100 theoretical According to your reaction, 17.6 g of product should have been produced. At the end of the reaction, you collect 13.2 g. What is the percent yield of the reaction? Practice: Answer the questions below: ___ Na + ___ H 2 SO 4 ___Na 2 SO 4 + ___ H 2 Start with 15.0 g Na and 150.0 g H 2 SO 4 1. How many grams of Na 2 SO 4 should be produced? 2. What is the percent yield if only 20.5 g is produced? Conclusions: To solve limiting reactant problems o Covert all quantities into moles o Determine how much product would be produced from each reactant o Whichever reactant yields less product is limiting Percent yield enables us to evaluate the effectiveness of a reaction....
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