Bonding Test Bailout

Bonding Test Bailout - Step #1 – Multiple Choice • Copy...

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Name: ______________________________________________ Period: ___________ Bonding Test Bailout Package 1. Provide the name or chemical formula. 2. Complete the chart below: Formula CH 3 OH NF 3 SiCl 4 Lewis Structure Bond Polarity Molecular Polarity Geometry IMF 3. Given the following compounds: H 2 O, CCl 4 , CHCl 3 a. State which intermolecular force will be exhibited by each compound. b. Explain the relationship between boiling point and intermolecular forces. c. Arrange the compounds from highest to lowest boiling point.
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In order to earn back points you must follow this format:
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Unformatted text preview: Step #1 – Multiple Choice • Copy down the question (not the answer choices) • Select the correct answer • Give a 2-3 sentence explanation and draw structures where appropriate • Earn back 1 point per missed question Step #2 – Short Answer • Download Bonding Test Bailout • Answer all the questions • Earn up to 8 points for your work • Write in complete sentences where appropriate Step #3 – Submission • No late work accepted • Staple Bonding Test Bailout, multiple choice questions and test together...
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Bonding Test Bailout - Step #1 – Multiple Choice • Copy...

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