Unit 11 Review Sheet KEY

Unit 11 Review Sheet KEY - Name: _KEY_ Date: _ WKST #11:...

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Name: _____________ KEY _____________________________ Date: ____________ WKST #11: Solutions Review Sheet (20 points) Period: ___________ 1. Define the following terms (put them in your own words and make it meaningful to you!) a. Solution: homogeneous mixture composed of solute and solvent b. Solute: the substance being dissolved c. Solvent: the substance doing the dissolving d. Saturated: occurs when the solvent cannot hold more solute e. Unsaturated: occurs when the solvent can hold more solute f. Supersaturated: occurs when the solvent is holding more solute than it should g. Soluble: able to dissolve in solvent h. Insoluble: unable to dissolve in solvent i. Colligative properties: properties affected by the addition of a solute 2. What is meant by the expression “likes dissolve likes” in relation to solutions chemistry? Polar solvents will dissolve polar solutes and nonpolar solvents will dissolve nonpolar solutes. If polarities don’t match, the materials will be insoluble. 3. You have a test tube and need to determine if the solution it contains is saturated, unsaturated, or supersaturated. How could you determine the state of the solution and what would you expect to see for each saturation level?
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Unit 11 Review Sheet KEY - Name: _KEY_ Date: _ WKST #11:...

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