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GatherUsefulData complete - Stat 250 Gunderson Lecture...

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29 Stat 250 Gunderson Lecture Notes Chapter 4: Gathering Useful Data for Examining Relationships A knowledge of statistics is like a knowledge of foreign languages or of algebra; it may prove of use at any time under any circumstances. Bowley, Arthur L. Elements of Statistics Part I, Chpt I (p. 4) In Chapter 4 we focus on ways to collect data in order to examine relationships between variables. We will learn that the way in which a study is conducted affects our ability to support whether a cause-and-effect relationship exists. 4.1 Speaking the Language of Research Studies Two Basic Types of Research Studies: Observational or Experimental Definitions: Observational Studies: The researchers simply observe or question the participants about opinions, behaviors, or outcomes. Participants are not asked to do anything differently. Experiments: The researchers manipulate something and measure the effect of the manipulation on some outcome of interest. Often participants are randomly assigned to the various conditions or treatments. Most studies, either observational or experimental, are interested in learning of the effect of one variable (called the explanatory variable ) on another variable (called the response or outcome variable ). A
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GatherUsefulData complete - Stat 250 Gunderson Lecture...

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