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17.02.2009 CHAPTER 7 Measuring Domestic Output, National Income and the Price Level Government Payments-> Government Consumption (+) Investment Expenditures (+) Transfer Payments (-) ( üretim yok, karşılıksız ) Net Exports (X n ) -> X (include) M (exclude) Two Sides Of GDP: Spending and Income Total Expenditure Total Income İki Tarafı Eşitlemek İçin (income tarafına ) C Wages + + Indirect Business Taxes Ig Rent + + <-GDP-> + Depreciation G Interests + + + Net foreign factor income Xn Profits (Income=Income of foreigners earned in the country- Income of nationals earn abroad)
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Unformatted text preview: Amount Paid = Amount Received 3. The Value Added Approach ( Katma Değer-Üretim Yöntemi) If we add all value-added in the production stages, we also can get GDP. When we add the value added we will get the final value of all goods and services. Value-Added: It is the difference between the value of output (that a firm sells) and the value of intermediate products (that the firm purchases) used in production. |||||| ---&gt; |||||| ---&gt; |||||| ---&gt; |||||| $200 $300 $450 $500 $650 $200 + $100 + $150 + $50 + $150 = $650 (GDP, ürünün fiyatına eşittir )...
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