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13.03.2009 CHAPTER 8 MACROECONOMIC INSTABILITY UNEMPLOYMENT Population = Labor Force ( İşgücü ) (-) Children 0-14 (-) Elderly 65+ (-) People who cannot work (-) People who don't want to work According to data of 2008: *Non-institutional civilia n population: 69 943 000 *Population 15 years old and over: 50 268 000 *Labor Force : 24 310 000 *Laborforce participation rate: 48,4% (In Development Countries: 68-70%) Discouraged People: İş bulma umudunu kaybetmiş insanlar. (Not included Laborforce ) *Unemployment Rate in Turkey:
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Unformatted text preview: 12,3% *Employment Rate in Turkey: 42,4% Types of Unemployment 1. Frictional Unemployment: Geçici işsizlik, arızi işsizlik. Meslek ve yer değişimi nedeniyle. 2. Structural Unemployment: Yapısal işsizlik. Normal (every econo my, country) 3. Cyclical Unemployment: Konjektürel işsizlik. True Unemployment. It can be zero. Full Employment: Tam istihdam. Less than 100% Example: Structural UE: 2%, Frictional UE: 4%, Cyclical UE: 0% NRU=2%+4%=6% Full Employment of this count ry: %94...
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