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Reading Skills Reading for Gist Getting the main idea of a text or paragraph quickly is called skim reading. There are different ways of skim reading: 1. If you’re very short of time or reading, for example, a newspaper article, you might just read the heading and the first sentence of each paragraph. This is often enough to give you a fair idea of the content. 2. For texts that you have to understand more fully, you might run your eyes along all the lines of the text, trying to pick out the key words and ignore unknown words and ‘grammar’ words (e.g. to, and, is, the) which do not contribute to the main idea. You do not need to understand every word to get the general meaning of a text. Task 1: Skim read the following text and match each section of the text to the following headings. The Headings: 1. Fifty years on and little has been done. 2. The first worldwide legislation on Human Right. 3. What is happening in the UK. 4. The world meets to discuss human rights. 5. Do you know how important it is? 6. Those in power must be made to think again. 7. The law profession is slowly becoming more aware. 8. Protection for the people against their governments. Bruce Holder QC a. ________________________________________ The Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the United Nations in 1948 in response to the horrors of World War II. The United Kingdom and a number of other European Countries signed the European Convention on Human Rights. The Universal Declaration though was the very first ever proclamation of the rights and freedoms of every human being across the breadth of the globe. 1998 is a very special year for human rights - or at least it should be so. The purpose of this mornings seminar is to critically Page: 1
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Reading Skills analyse and review the Universal Declaration, and I hope that those who speak today, both from the platform, and we hope from the floor, will say what they feel, and express themselves in a way that those who report on this meeting will have something useful to offer in terms of the lessons of these first 50 years for the future. b. _____________________________________ Our own Prime Minister, Tony Blair, proclaimed the UK Government s intention to incorporate the European Convention on Human Rights into our own national law which following the passing of this year s Human Rights Act we expect to do in the year 2000. He said, When a person s rights have been abused, they should not have to wait years for redress. ..by bringing these rights home we can establish a firm foundation - and not a ceiling for human rights. In this way we will be following the true spirit and vision of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and making human rights a real part of the lives of every man, woman and child ”.
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Different Reading Skills - Reading Skills Reading for Gist...

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