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How to Use a Dictionary Online dictionaries are occasionally lacking in detail or otherwise faulty, so you will need to know how to look up a word in a dictionary. Yes, we are referring to a real-world dictionary which you can hold in your hands. Steps 1. Keep a good dictionary near where you study or read Decide what word you wish to look up. Did you find it in something that you read or hear it in conversation? 2. Figure out what letter your target word starts with (i.e. PSYCHOTIC would start with a P; and GNOME would start with a G; and words like KNOCK, KNICKERS and KNOB would naturally begin with a K). For the purposes of this article, we will look up the word FUTILE. 3. Open the dictionary so that it lies flat on the table before you. In the upper corners of the pages, notice the GUIDE WORDS. Find the section dealing with words beginning with the letter of your target word. If you see guide words beginning with the letter E, then move a few pages forward to the F section. 4. Consider the second letter of your target word, in this case, U. You must move along until you find guide words beginning with FU. Perhaps you will see "furrow/futtock" in the upper left corner of the left page and "futtock plate/gaberlunzie" in the upper right corner of the right page. Now you know that FUTILE is going to be located on one of these two pages.
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Useful 'HOW's - H ow to Use a Dictionary Online...

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