ACC349.Week4.Individualassignment - Accounts payable 455000...

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John Nalenzy Corporation Balance Sheet 12/31/2007 Current Assets Cash 197000 Trading securities 153000 acct receivable 435000 allowance for doubtful accounts 25000 410000 inventories 597000 total current assets 1357000 Long Term Investments Investments in bonds 299000 investments in stocks 277000 total long term investments 576000 Plant, Property, and Equipment land 260000 buildings 1040000 accumulated depreciation 152000 equimpment 600000 accumulated depreciation 60000 540000 total plant property and equimpent 1688000 Intangible Assets Franchise 160000 patent 195000 total intangible assets 355000 Total Assets 3976000 Liability and Stockholder's Equity Current Liabilities
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Unformatted text preview: Accounts payable 455000 short term notes payable 90000 dividents payable 136000 accrued liabilities 96000 Total current liabilities 777000 Long Term Debt long term notes payable 900000 bonds payable 1000000 total long term liabilities 1900000 total liabilities 2677000 Stockholder's Equity paid in capital common stock - $5 par 1000000 additional paid in capital 80000 108000 retained earnings 410000 total paid in capital and retained earnings $1,490,000 treasury stock 191000 total stockholder's equity 1299000 total liabilities and stock equity 3976000 a c b b c c c b a c a b...
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ACC349.Week4.Individualassignment - Accounts payable 455000...

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