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hw5 - ECEN 325 Homework#5 Due 8:00AM Homeworks will not be...

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October 18, 2011 ECEN 325 Homework #5 Due: 10-25-2011, 8:00AM Homeworks will not be received after due. Instructor: Sam Palermo 1. (50 points) Characterize the 2N2222 NPN-BJT in PSpice. Obtain the values for β DC , β ac , r π , g m , and r o at I C =0.5 mA. In order to obtain these values, 4 plots must be generated 2 input characteristic plots (I C vs V BE & I B vs V BE ) with the collector-emitter voltage fixed around 1.5 V. 2 output characteristic plots (I C vs V CE & I C vs I B ) with the base-emitter voltage fixed such that the I C is within 100µA-4mA. 2. (50 points) For the following circuit, bias your transistor such that g
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