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project2 - Your boss wishes the fraction of harmonic energy...

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ECEN 314 Project # 2 (Bonus) Georghiades Fall 2009 Given: November 24, 2009 Due: December 8, 2009. Imagine your boss one day asking you to design the cheapest rectifier circuit that takes the following sinusoidal signal: x ( t ) = cos(2 πf 0 t ) , where f 0 = 50Hz, and either a half-wave or a full wave rectified signal extracted from it and filters it to extract the dc component. The components to be used are diode(s) (to convert a sinusoidal signal into either half-wave or full wave rectified) which cost $1 each, 10Ω resistors (large so that they can withstand large currents) which also cost $1 each and 2000 μF capacitors which cost $2 each. Your boss specifies that the internal resistance of your circuit cannot be more than 20Ω to avoid excessive voltage drop when a load is applied. The only other requirement your boss insists on relates to the quality of the dc signal extracted.
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Unformatted text preview: Your boss wishes the fraction of harmonic energy content (i.e. the ratio of the non-dc energy to the total energy in the output voltage), F , to be at most 1% of the total energy in the output voltage when no load is applied. Your boss is also kind enough to suggest that you consider the following filter configurations that satisfy the 20Ω internal resistance requirement, as shown in the figure below: 10 W 2000 m F y(t) x(t) +-+-(a) 2 0 W 4000 m F y(t) x(t) +-+-(b) 10 W 2000 m F x(t) +-1 0 W 2000 m F y(t) +-(c) Figure 1: Three rectifier filter candidates. Analyze mathematically the six possibilities available for the design and choose the best based on the above requirements to suggest to your boss (who wants to see your analysis. Include any Matlab/Maple programs you use in an appendix. 1...
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