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SYLLABUS Course title and number ECEN314 Signals and Systems Semester Spring 2011 Meeting times and location Lectures: MWF 10:20 am – 11:10 am, ZACH 223D Recitation: M 8:00 am – 9:00 am, ZACH 223A Course Description and Prerequisites This course will introduce students to mathematical descriptions of signals & systems, and mathematical tools for analyzing and designing systems that can operate on signals to achieve a desired effect. The focus of the class will be on the class of systems called linear time invariant systems. Significant emphasis will be place both on time domain analysis of systems through the operation of convolution and on frequency domain analysis of systems using the Fourier and Laplace transforms. Both continuous-time and discrete-time signals will be considered. Several examples from engineering practice will be used throughout the course. Prerequisites: ECEN 214; MATH 311 or registration therein; PHYS 208. Learning Outcomes and Course Objectives It is the intent of this course that students will: 1. be able to describe signals mathematically and understand how to perform mathematical operations on signals. 2. be familiar with commonly used signals such as the unit step, ramp, impulse function, sinusoidal signals and complex exponentials, and be able to classify signals as continuous-time or discrete-time, as periodic or non-periodic, as energy or power signals, and as having even or odd symmetry. 3. be able to describe linear time invariant systems either using linear constant coefficient
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314-501KundurSylabus - SYLLABUS Course title and number...

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