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ECEN 314 Assignment 1, Texas A&M University, Instructor: Dr. D. Kundur Page 1 of 5 Assignment 1: Introduction to MATLAB Instructor: Dr. Deepa Kundur Objectives This assignment aims to: Introduce or refresh your memory on the MATLAB programming environment, which is an essential software tool for developing signal processing algorithms and systems General Information The assignment should be conducted individually . Please print the assignment questions (found on the following pages) and place your answers in the space provided. Hand in your questions to the TA by the deadline, which is stated on the course web site. The assignment can be conducted on the ECE undergraduate computer lab stations. Grading and Due Date The answers to the assignment questions are due to the TA at the beginning of the appropriate recitation. After grading, the TA will return your assignment to you in a subsequent recitation. Introduction and Background Welcome to your first ECEN 314 MATLAB assignment. The purpose of this assignment is to introduce you to the software tools that you’ll be using in this course, namely MATLAB. These tools significantly aid the design, development and implementation of signal processing algorithms
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Assignment_1 - ECEN 314 Assignment 1, Texas A&M...

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