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ECEN 314 Assignment 2, Texas A&M University, Instructor: Dr. D. Kundur Page 1 of 1 Assignment 2: Convolution with MATLAB Instructor: Dr. Deepa Kundur Objectives This assignment aims to: Demonstrate how signal processing operations can be conveniently conducted via MATLAB functions General Information The assignment should be conducted individually . Hand in your solutions to the TA by the deadline, which is stated on the course web site. The assignment can be conducted on the ECE undergraduate computer lab stations. Grading and Due Date The answers to the assignment questions are due to the TA at the beginning of the appropriate recitation. After grading, the TA will return your assignment to you in a subsequent recitation.
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Unformatted text preview: Instructions Read Section 2.14 of the text to familiarize yourself with the MATLAB functions necessary to compute and graph the convolution of two signals. 1. Do Problem 2.29 of the text book. 2. Using MATLAB compute the convolution results for all the cases (a) to (k) of Problem 2.34. Deliverables You must provide both your code for each case (it might help to put your code in a *.m file instead of use the Command line to conduct the convolutions) as well as the resulting graphs to show the convolution results. Please make sure your report is clear and the plots are labeled properly and scaled appropriately in MATLAB; that is, make sure that the plot ranges do not cut off important parts of the graph....
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