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BU 481 Unit 2 Project Project: Work on your Final Project- You submitted your topic of your Final research paper in Unit 1. Now you will continue to search for credible sources which you can use for your Final Research Project paper. Part 1: Identify an initial set of sources of information for your research topic. Begin thinking about why those resources are valuable to your study, and make notes as to their relevance to your research project. Note the bibliographic information you will need for your references page according to APA style formatting requirements. You can go to APA.com. You will also note any relevant quotes you might want to use from these sources and the URL, author, title, pages paragraph number for quote, volume number etc. for creating your citations and reference list later. Remember you can use the citation machine site to help you! Choose 4 sources from the list of credible sources below. List them in APA Reference
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