Unit 3 Sample - Project Description and Annotated Bibliography

Unit 3 Sample - Project Description and Annotated Bibliography

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National Corporate Theatre Fund: An Umbrella for Sunnier Days. This paper attempts to explore the strategy of the National Corporate Theatre Fund By working in a cooperative manner Member Theatre Performing Arts Organizations may rely on national funding sources while maintaining localized open creativity. Annotated Bibliography Allison, Michael, Kaye, Jude (2005 ). Strategic Planning for Nonprofit Organizations, 2 nd Edition. Wiley. This book provides tools and information for the development and implementation of strategic plans for not-for-profit organizations. Batten, David F. (1995). Network Cities: Creative Urban Agglomerations for the 21 st Century. Urban Studies, 21(2) 313. The global economy is nurturing an innovative class of polycentric urban configurations: network cities. A network city evolves when two or more previously independent cities, potentially complementary in function, strive to cooperate and achieve significant scope economies aided by fast and reliable corridors of transport and communications infrastructure. Creative network cities place a higher priority on knowledge-based activities like research, education and the creative arts . The cooperative mechanisms may resemble those of inter-firm networks in the sense that each urban player stands to benefit from the synergies of interactive growth via reciprocity, knowledge exchange and unexpected creativity. Two case studies are discussed briefly-Randstad Holland and Kansai, Japan. Since much of their future dynamism may rely upon transnational human resources, it is foreseen that more network cities will transcend national borders during the next millennium. Drucker, Peter F. (1992), Managing the Non-Profit Organization , Harper Presents guidelines and advice on how to manage non-profit organizations effectively. Drucker provides examples and explanations of mission, leadership, resources, marketing, goals, people development, decision making and more. Interviews with experts on key issues.
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Hoffman, Rochelle, (1995). Leadership resource development for non-profit organizations. Fund Raising Management , 26(1), 30-35. Discusses the importance of a nominating committee within a charitable organization to prepare for leadership replacement through training. Differences in qualities of leadership; Relevance of one-on-one modeling and training; Need for the president of the organization to give importance to annual leadership training; Clear establishment of broad terms. Ivey, William J. (1999). Bridging the For-Profit and Not-for-Profit Arts.
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Unit 3 Sample - Project Description and Annotated Bibliography

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