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Writing an Annotated Bibliography
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W RITING T YPES AND T OOLS Writing An Annotated Bibliography (1) Differences Between a Reference Page and Annotated Bibliography Conducting research and documenting your findings is an essential part of the ‘academic’ writing process. Unless your professor instructs you to do otherwise, all projects must include in-text citations, quotation marks (when using direct quotes), and a reference page. This happens during the process of composing a paper. There are times when you will need (or be required) to conduct initial research prior to deciding on a thesis or focus. An annotated bibliography is a helpful tool to help you track and assess these sources. The following table illustrates the main differences between a reference page and an annotated bibliography: Reference Page Annotated Bibliography Purpose Lists sources that you actually used in a project A research tool that lists all sources you have examined in preparation for a project Appearance Follows APA formatting conventions (Click here for an example) Follows APA formatting conventions and includes an annotation Other There are NO annotations in a reference page; there is no need for them since you have put all of your research together. The idea here is that you can refer back to your annotated bibliography at any time as you write your research paper and find any material you are looking for. Page 1 of 5 v_July 2007
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(2) Components of an Annotated Bibliography An annotated bibliography includes topic research, complete source citation, and a short annotation (paragraph) for each source. How annotations are written depends on the purpose of the research. There are two main components for each source included in an annotated bibliography: ± Bibliographic information: This includes the complete citation information formatted using correct APA format. This is the information you would normally include on a reference page.
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