Improved essay! - In English 131 We had to rewrite one of...

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Dirir abdullahi AP English and Composition Per: 1 Ms. Walton It could be said that we process our world in terms of our language. Using a variety of examples from your own experience, write an essay illustrating the validity of this observation. Language is expressed in many different forms. I have had experience with several of these forms. What I can infer from them all is that, language is processed differently for many individuals across the world. Some people are affected negatively by the way they speak a certain dialect, while others are affected likewise negatively for speaking a different language. As I walked through an alley to get to a market where my family and I get our groceries, from a far distance I saw a woman (which at the time I did not know she was from the Spanish decent) from my perspective was trying to get attention, so she can be helped. Finally, she came across me, while I was exiting the alley, she was saying many thing in the Spanish language in which I could not comprehend. There were a few words I could understand that she was repeating constantly “Por qué me estás ignorando”. Which denotes “why are yall ignoring me”, in that situation I was shocked, and surprised, of the way she was speaking (Rapidly). So since
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Improved essay! - In English 131 We had to rewrite one of...

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