We wish to unite Africa

We wish to unite Africa - occur However this is a lifetime...

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We wish to unite Africa, like the way it was in the past, before colonization, we wish to disregard all the separatism because of tribes, Clans, and Nations, and work together as one. Although we are in constant conflict with one another in our homeland, we can cease the issues causing it. Pride and Arrogance are the main contributors to these conflicts. IF we changed this since of pride and arrogance to a more understandable level of pride, then a positive drastic change will
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Unformatted text preview: occur. However this is a lifetime goal, which we wish to lay the foundations on. It cannot be done in one school year, but we can at least show our communities we wish to make a difference, and will get support. With this support, if we collect enough money we wish to make fundraising event, kind of like a Camp of Experience....
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