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dirir reflection paper - Dirir Abdullahi Project Title: A...

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Dirir Abdullahi Project Title: A helping hand Due: Monday April 25, 2011 Reflection Paper Part 1: Summary of Project The goal of this project is to create connections among the Somali Community. What I have noticed is that the Entire Somali Community in Western Washington is disconnected. People would rely on the Somali Community to be the building block and the center of the entire Somali society… however that is not the case. The community center is secluded, and not well known. My projects ideal goal is to create a more attractive, stimulating Community center, with a tutoring program, afternoon basketball program, develop a Somali Muslim youth group, and parent awareness programs. The other issue or problem I noticed needs immediate attention is that the Somali people feel abandoned from society, there are several issues the Somali Community as a whole is facing, yet no one pays any heed. They need attention, and finance to build a strong community with vibrant leaders. The youth among them need to be pushed and motivated so they can further their education. Coming from a War Torn nation, to a more stabilized Nation, is a very tough transition for the Somali individuals. They deserve to be comforted and helped on their transition. Therefore as I stated before, my job is to not start a new community center, but remodel the old community center so that it has solutions, and guidance tools to upheaval the Somali community members as a whole.
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dirir reflection paper - Dirir Abdullahi Project Title: A...

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