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Dirir Abdullahi Ms. Tessandor AP Biology 10/02/10 Cells Analogies Collage The nucleus is like an engine because it controls and coordinates the activites of the whole cell, the same way an engine controls whether a car can move, or function properly. The nucleolus is like a manufacturing factory because it controls the production of ribosomal sub units, the same way manufactoring factories control the production of the varying types of clothes we wear. The cell membrane is like a door because, it controls what gets in and out of the cell, and lets some in easier then others, the same way a door controls what get in and out, and also lets in some people easier then others. The cytoplasm is just like a skeleton because, it helps regulate the shape and structure of the cell, the same way a skeleton helps give all beings shape, and structure, without it we would be blobs. Chromosomes are just like a precious object kept by the family line because, its gives us our hereditary information through our parents, just like a precious object which has been passed
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