mcdermott virus - This right here is the protocol I have...

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This right here is the protocol I have created for the potential cure for HIV. Logical Eliminations: If we transfuse HIV free blood type, to HIV positive blood type, then automatically, the HIV cells well engulf the regular blood, helping to actually increase HIV cells in the body. So I automatically know that won’t work! Test done by scientists: “In the RT-PCR test , viral RNA is extracted from the patient's plasma and is treated with transcriptase (RT) to convert the viral RNA into cDNA. The polymerase chain reaction (PCR) process is then applied, using two primers unique to the virus's genome. After PCR amplification is complete, the resulting DNA products are hybridized to specific oligonucleotides bound to the vessel wall, and is then made visible with a probe bound to an enzyme. The amount of virus in the sample can be quantified with sufficient accuracy to detect threefold change”. This is according to UNAIDS/WHO POLICY STATEMENT ON HIV TESTING. From all these different intakes, I have come up with my own protocol, which I have yet to test do to supply issues! Material : Red Dye, Blue Dye Green Dye Ethanol (alcohol) HIV positive blood sample Regular Blood type, infection free 4 test tubes Syringe Microscope Salt Vegetable Oil 50 Ml Beaker Boiler 1. HIV codes reversely unlike a normal pathogen cell, so that causes several errors during its coding. During these errors, those infected cells, create a new generation that fights the immune systems healthy t-cells, becoming immune to them. This is how HIV is
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mcdermott virus - This right here is the protocol I have...

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