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NAME: QUIZ SECTION: STUDENT ID: LAB PARTNER: Grading: 30 pts for this template, 5 pts for notebook pages Notebook pages: Purpose/Method section complete? Are they organized and legible? Have you plot ed your data as instructed? DATA, CALCULATIONS AND GRAPHS Part I: Reaction of hydrogen peroxide and bleach Concentration of stock solutions 2 pts Bleach, NaOCl(aq) %m/m NaOCl Mass of 0.500 mL Bleach, g Density of Bleach, g/ml Average Density, g/mL Run Number mL of Bleach Run 1 Run 2 Run 3 Run 4 Run 5 Run 6 Run 7 Run 8 Run 9 Run 10 Run 11 2 pts g 1 pt moles Moles NaOCl at the Eqv Point moles 1 pt 4 pt 4 pt Part I : Iron(I ) -Phenanthroline Reaction M 1 pt M 1 pt mL 2 pts Absorbance 2 pts mL of Fe(I ) at the Equivalence Point mL 1 pt Moles Fe(I ) at the Eqv Point moles Moles phen at the Eqv Point moles Stoichiometry: moles phen/moles Fe(I ) 1 pt 2 pt Hydrogen Peroxide, H 2 O 2 (aq) % m/m H 2 O 2 Grams of Hydrogen Peroxide mL of Oxygen Generated Grams of H 2 O 2 at the Eqv Point Moles H 2 O 2 at the Eqv Point Stoichiometry: moles H 2 O 2 /moles NaOCl Concentration of standard 1,10 phenanthroline solution Concentration of standard Fe(I ) solution Volume of standard 1,10 phenanthroline solution you obtained Volume of Fe(I ) added, μ L
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