Ditty score pg 2 - ==== L RLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRL%L >

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>d >d f 25 RLRFLLRLRLRRLLRLR >?) R L R L R L RRL RRL RRL R > 3 !;e.-.-_ _ RLL RRL rf -- q 6 6 I >'>>>>.>>.>>>>.>>>->>>>->->.>> LRR LRLRL RRL RRL AAAA vAv AvAv RL R RLR RLR > >> >>> R L R L R L R LRL RL R L R LRL RLSR > >>> >>> = ''9= ====S=====3==
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Unformatted text preview: ==== L RLRLRLRLRLRLRLRLRL%L > >>>>->>>>>>>>=====H RLLRLLRLRLRLLRL A A AA = =9====-4="-===i==r==o RRR L RRR L RRR f RRR L RRR L RR AAAA AA > >>>> >>>> LLL R LLL R LL RLR LRL RLR LRL RRRL LLRL LRRRLLLRLLRRRLLL...
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