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Journal2 - Journal#2 The two characters Sammy and Miss...

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Journal #2 The two characters Sammy and Miss Brill are from two completely different stories but are comparable to each other in several ways. They both have a certain focus in the story that leads to the problem and conflict in their respective stories. Sammy has a sexually motivated focus which is Queenie. This was brought on by him being a cashier who can only stand and watch people come in and out. When he sees the girl he makes up a personality for her and watches her every move. Miss Brill is very much the same. She is very interested and focused on what people do. She sits in the park as a mere spectator and watches the old sit on benches and ridicules them and watches the young couples flirt. As she watches them she also puts a story to their faces as if she’s watching a play with actors. What is most comparable to the two characters is their daily routine which their internal conflict derives from. Sammy mocks and makes fun of customers who are conforming to norms in the grocery store, who come and leave the same every day.
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