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Brain & Spinal Cord page 1 of 4 ANAT 11110 Lab 10 Fall 2011 The Brain and Spinal Cord In this lab, we will examine the brain and the spinal cord. First we will examine the brain, arguably the most complex organ of the body. The brain acts as the primary control center for the body. If the brain ceases to work, the body ceases to function, regardless of the condition of the rest of the bodily organs. Next, we will examine the spinal cord within its housing, the vertebral column, and the nerves which are attached to it, extending into the periphery of the body. Station 1: Anatomy of the Brain The brain can be divided into several regions, the largest of which is the cerebrum . The cerebrum is divided into right and left hemispheres by the longitudinal fissure . The surface of the cerebrum is not smooth, but convoluted into small hills and valleys, called gyri (gyrus , sing.) and sulci (sulcus , sing.), respectively. The other two major components of the human brain are the cerbellum , also split into two hemispheres, and the brain stem . The brain stem, in turn, can be divided into the mesencephalon (aka, midbrain), the pons , and the medulla oblongata . Several new regions are revealed when the brain is looked at in mid-sagittal section. Here, it is possible to see that the cerebral hemispheres are wrapped around the diencephalon region of the brain, which serves as the structural and functional link between the cerebrum, the cerebellum, and the components of the brain stem. In this view it is also possible to see that the brain is not a solid mass of tissue, but actually contains several open chambers, called the ventricles. In a mid-sagittal section only the third and fourth ventricles are visible; the lateral ventricles are located para-sagittally. These ventricles are filled with cerebrospinal
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brain_spinal_cord-lab - Brain & Spinal Cord page 1 of 4...

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