integumentary_system - The Integumentary System Review...

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Review Questions Multiple Choice 1. Vitamin D is necessary for proper bone growth; deficiency leads to a. a thin stratum corneum in children; a thicker stratum corneum in adults. b. high blood pressure in children; low blood pressure in adults. c. osteomalacia in children; rickets in adults. d. rickets in children; osteomalacia in adults. 2. The deepest layer of the epidermis is the a. stratum spinosum. b. stratum basale. c. stratum corneum. 3. If the pigmentation of your hair is blond, how much melanin would you have? a. high b. moderate c. little d. none 4. The dermis is which layer in the integumentary system? a. first b. second c. third 5. Part of the nail plate; light half-moon region at the end of the nail plate is a. lunula. b. free edge. c. nail body. 6. Which is a function of the skin? a. housing of sensory receptors b. evaporation of perspiration on the surface of the skin c. retain body heat d. all of the above 7. The subcutaneous layer is made up of a. loose connective tissue. b.
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integumentary_system - The Integumentary System Review...

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