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Chem 41c Quiz 5 Stoltz, Spring 2005 May 19, 2005 Predict the products (if any) of the following reactions: (5 points each) 1. O NMe 2 1. Me 2 NH NaCNBH 3 HCl, MeOH 2. KOH 2. Cl O 1. NaN 3 2. heat 3. MeOH H N OMe O Draw two distinct retrosytheses for the following molecule going?? back ??
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Unformatted text preview: to ?? starting ?? materials ?? of ?? 6 carbons or less (5 points each). O OH O n-PrMgBr O O BrMg there are many other variations Bonus (5 points) Show the forward reactions needed to accomplish one of your designed routes above....
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