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Q6A-2006 - Provide reagents for a forward synthesis of the...

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Chem 41c Quiz 5 Stoltz, Spring 2006 May 31, 2006 Provide a single simplifying disconnection for the following Target Molecules. 1. CO 2 Et O OEt 2. OEt O O OEt O O 3. Provide a detailed retrosyntheses for the following Target Molecule that arrives at starting materials of 4 carbons or less. OH HO OMe RO 2 C CO 2 R OMe CO 2 R CO 2 R Bonus (5 points)
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Unformatted text preview: Provide reagents for a forward synthesis of the last problem. CO 2 R E H CO 2 Me 1. LiAlH 4 2. MeI, Base OMe 1. O 3 , oxidative work-up 2. MeOH, HCl (Esterification) MeO 2 C CO 2 Me OMe TM EtMgBr TAs: please give partial credit for #3 and the bonus....
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