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PS2AnswerKey - Prebfuin cfw_6:S.points Al Oa.b.oald storage...

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Prebfuin {6:S.points} Al Oa.b.oald storage of hydrogen is e major, obetaole fsr the use of hydrogen as a cle"an-burning transportaticn lircl- Ammonia-borane is an appealing eandidate,firr e,'l,remical hydr.ogen-storage appficatione. Amine-bo{4ne adducts can be readilt synthesized from &ee amines and boranes. Tlr,err,rral d*eomposition of a{nrno-nia-borane adducts yields hydrogen and a rnixtule of an:rinoboratte and botazine products" Give the polnt g.roup for ALL of the reactants and products shown below cxcept poll'bor:azylenc {d.on't forget Fl2!). Bfls borane H t"l '\ f-H - Hz r NH" N_E:. _____-__-r- ,r.oni. # \r, D*u cat' "n.'fionir-norrn. cru | ", v HH \'*1 HH H T,l n *..*o/llArrH /Htn cyslodiboiaEAne HH ls r-r I H*1N*l_B1r1N*H H*a2rN*d-* + lH Hl cyclotrihorezanE 4,) l-t, {- tl HN*BsNH ' I ---------------- t-tg*iEl-,t H borazine aminoboiane r.r gv ln, t {.cansider only the contarmer with corplanar rings) Cr* | Ctu HB_NH HB=NH /r$r\ HN B_N BH \rt\1, HB=NH FJB*NH diborazine {NOTE: a63ign psifit,groups fortuto csnformers; t$t one, in i*liich the rlngs dre ooFlaGar and t Crr,l: l-.t H HN,B,-N.B*-NH lp-lll 1ts:Nlt tts=l'ti ' li 'i r + HN' 'B-N B-N BH + HB**.-B-*+BH rie:11'H nt-r,iit ni-Jir HH borazanaphthalerr:e p-boreeaierphenyl I rr**nl ltr$l tN, pr I ne:ruril " polyborazylene B) Using the equati.on belsvr cal.e.ulate tbe hy.drogen eapacity, {Wt%) of ammonia*brxane" Be sure to sh .w how'y'ou amived .at your answqr f.or full sredit. fcatl X l.{;8-NH3 ----+ 3X H2 + (BN)x 4oBrlH, 3o' t7 tl. Cz'oz) tr I L.o{e 3 ffi.{,4 Fri'& **-f,
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attsrnative material for hydrogen storage is based on micropolous metal-organic fi'ameworks (MOFs). Metal,organiq frameworks consist ofl metal ions or clusters connected thr:ough organiri bridging ligands into extended one-, t!vo-, or tlree-dimensicnal netr,vorks" The high surfme area and por:ou.s nature of these new materials make them par-ticr-rlarlS' promising can.didates for high capaciS (wtYo) hvdrogen storage materials. The crystal structures shorvn belor.v are portions of metal organie fiameworks that have been used for hydrogen storage. Assign point groups to each of the crystal structures and identify the numbcr of dilTaent kinds of Mn atorns fur: each strucfure. Ceril
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PS2AnswerKey - Prebfuin cfw_6:S.points Al Oa.b.oald storage...

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