PS6 - Recommended reading: 22.6-22.13, 26 Ch 102 Problem...

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1 Recommended reading: 22.6-22.13 , 26 Ch 102 Problem Set 6 Due: Tuesday, May 17, before class Problem 1 (20 points) Zeise’s salt (potassium trichloro(ethylene)platinate, 1 ) undergoes ligand exchange in acetonitrile in the presence of aromatic N-donors such as phenazine ( 2 ) to yield platinum salt 3 exclusively as the isomer shown in the reaction scheme below. The isolation of a single isomer from the reaction below is due to the ‘trans effect’. Note that in both compounds 1 and 3 ethylene is coordinated to platinum perpendicular to the Pt coordination square plane. CH 3 CN, ! N N N Pt Cl N Cl Pt Cl Cl Cl 1 2 - K + KCl 3 + a) Consider compound 1 . Derive a full molecular orbital (MO) diagram for the σ -only framework of this complex. For simplicity, approximate complex 1 with the analogous four-coordinate platinum complex [PtH 4 ] 2- . For full credit make sure to include all of the following: Assign the point group of [PtH 4 ] 2- , and generate the reducible and irreducible representations for the ligand σ -bonding interactions Label metal orbitals with the appropriate Mulliken symbols and designate them as d, s, or p Label the SALCs with the appropriate Mulliken symbols Place the metal and ligand orbitals at the appropriate relative energies Label the generated molecular orbitals with Mulliken symbols and indicate whether they are σ , σ *, or nb Fill in the correct number of electrons Circle the orbitals that have d-parentage Draw the molecular orbitals that correspond to the four bonding interactions in [PtH 4 ] 2- b) The five molecular orbitals of d-orbital parentage make up the d-d splitting diagram for a σ -only general square planar molecule (such as model [PtH 4 ] 2- ). Focus only on these d-orbitals for this part. Ethylene is a good π -acceptor due to its low-lying LUMO of π - axial symmetry (the C-C
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PS6 - Recommended reading: 22.6-22.13, 26 Ch 102 Problem...

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