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Unformatted text preview: Fy of *l *.4 $*v) ,,, "i J? -''or.f *c\:sQr*o zo'"tuh -Yz+rO ^a"rcrip:YC (*tt'l.jt --ra+Go l.n* t -.yrv'u, a'o) \1', ""*-j."""11 n ttqun'u "Q'yoJF\ r (i e (r ocnl (" \ra?lfl'O ?9r x Ct' t-o l! a1i*'o:64 . bl g'.{*-,j .o-JU [ + ouy\?<-__* -a-JH u}r Yt t\ h ' ah a 1l-| h + to (* ,3rnmd.l"JC PS 8 Answer Key 2. a) The carbon p ­orbital is stabilized by electron donation from p ­orbitals on the pendant nitrogens. This forces the electrons to occupy the sp2 ­orbital on the carbon, forming a strong σ–interaction with the metal center. Also, added π ­electron density from the metal would occupy an anti ­bonding orbital explaining the NHC’s low π ­ acidity. b) A: 16 e ­, Ru(IV), d4 B: 16 e ­, Ru(IV), d4 C: 16 e ­, Ru(IV), d4 D: 14 e ­, Ru(II), d6 c) (1,1) ­insertion d) F: 16 e ­ ,Ru(IV), d4 N N H tBuCOO Ru O iP r F α ­hydride elimination (3 ­centered TS) e) H: 16 e ­, Ru(II), d6 I: 16 e ­, Ru(IV), d4 N tBuCOO N Ru H iPr O β ­hydride elimination (4 ­membered TS) H N N tBuCOO Ru H iPr O I α ­hydride elimination (3 ­membered TS) f) E contains only α ­hydrogens while G contains α ­ and β ­ hydrogens. ru-;T;'dl 3Z ' fru."u) \\-rm -'".r/ ,l: \v af\upqo{ '"*'r) -zf @ avmoBlxe (? -"lr"1de t t+-lct's Ttqg z.v\dg -rr?lrul >uo : At+ llt vr : ll <- f (, Z.ryflg -- (^) -,rJrr "RI*"*h (^,) a!1xo '-tl"*e\ (,,,) ?t:.(oroJo-"phq + o'Hr * Trf, *# '- -9 '-h "e .o a1r x63fiog -() (,') (,) qonaflr *8R-reyo qzllolf?rFoj1 *-lorJ z r woJ{og2 +h2v$ 7 :t [\l " V =Heru z + zo + ,)"; (" €)*qv+ 't'c"bQrr^r. -.,t-c^e: Y"-/ ,)qxlf*€ boc *,;=f-;- {+{,up Ci 6o Fo* *r to 13 or,J $"h. $ ",. tu -^-6 -aAr^ ,,AZt\ b) "t Otf fto^* hr Qo) -c f-r\i^*r<2 r*id.fft ,/ 16 \. (a, /. C,'eq-t. CrcC{,^^rr, ^d\ &irfur . rtrr) + q (.d.:'l?"), d'' -* 4y*a G;ppz)trrC*f- €Ao atiiul* frr.* ts t rr4rrrr tI o wd.rthrs fto*^*z ho+l (r,J noloo o* t" --c t"( ort o ( P',ut"\Lq r"/ 6 l6a-, tr i (rr),J6 (rz) "''o",cJ*a$o* .OLO ...
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