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Unformatted text preview: Ecological and Economic Perspective Shatana Bentley November 1, 2011 SC 300: Big Ideas in Science: From Methods to Mutation Professor Maureen Foley Many people never think about exactly where the food they are buying came to be at the store or how it was grown. There are few stores that actually list where their products were grown or raised and how they were grown or raised. There are so many products in the store to choose from and each product usually has more than one different brand to choose from. Each of these different brands come from a different place, many would be surprised with the information they found on the background of the products that they buy everyday at the store. The products that I use for a typical breakfast and dinner have some interesting background facts. For breakfast I use SunUps eggs, Blue and Gold Sausage, and La Banderita flour tortillas. A dinner favorite of mine is Hamburger Helper, which I have to use ground beef in. All of these products are purchased at my local Wal-Mart, except for the eggs and the tortillas they were purchased at the Dollar General Store. SunUp eggs are produced by the company Cal-Maine Foods, Inc. which is located in Jackson, Mississippi. “The Cal-Maine flock consists of 20 million laying hens and another five million young female chickens (pullets) and breeders” (Dinger, 1998). Blue and Gold Sausage is made by a family owned and operated company that is located in Jones, Oklahoma and is called the Blue & Gold Sausage Co (Blue & Gold Sausage Company, 2011). This sausage is used as a fundraiser mostly for FFA Chapters and I purchased my sausage from my local FFA Chapter. La Banderita tortillas are made by a company called Ole Mexican Foods. Ole Mexican Foods facility in Grand Prairie, Texas produce’s and delivers the tortillas to my local Dollar General store (Manta, 2011). Hamburger Helper is made in Golden Valley, Minnesota. The Better Crocker facility has over 7,000 square feet of kitchen space with 19 fully equipped individual kitchens designed for over 50,000 recipe tests each year. This facility ships out millions of products every day to stores such as Wal-Mart where I purchased it (General Mills, 2011). The beef that Wal-Mart sells does not as Wal-Mart where I purchased it (General Mills, 2011)....
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ShatanaBentley-SC300-BigIdeasInScience-Unit6-Assignment -...

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