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AC 410 Unit 9 Homework Your Name: Shatana Bentley (Use this template to answer your Unit 9 homework assignment. This template is provided to help guide you through the answer process and is organized in the way that I will grade your assignment. Your text box will expand as you type in your answers. You will notice that in some cases I have designated a word minimum. This is to encourage you to thoroughly explore and provide a complete answer. There are other responses where you need to provide a certain minimum facts for a complete answer <such as: at least 5 relevant items> you need to provide at least 5 relevant items for full credit. Also, failure to achieve the minimum word requirement may affect your “development score”. ) 16-38 In each of the following independent situations, indicate how the CPA responds to this standard (20 word minimum per answer) . " For this question, please note the type of report to be issued (no report, compilation, review, audit) and provide a justification of your selection )“ Type of Report Justification of Your Selection ( (20 word minimum) " a Compiliation Since this is an engagement for preparing financial statements for a non-public entity then the CPA needs to issue a compilation report on the information gathered and this report should include a disclaimer of opinion. b Review The CPA would issue a review report on the financial statements attesting to what work was performed and attest to, as much as possible by the limited scope, the fairness of the financial information presented. This report should disclaim an opinion and include limited assurance. c
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ShatanaBentley-AC410-Auditing-Unit9-Homework - AC 410 Unit...

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